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Fortune 100 and “Top 5% Canadian Tech Firms” Experience and Best Practices

We have a track record of working well with CxO teams, with the always-on dedication required to manage end-to-end projects and complex deal challenges. In select cases, we will work on an exclusive basis, for immediate needs and to develop strategic options. We can help engage legal, VC, private equity, and investment banking teams to fit with your unique business profile.

We provide advisory services to:



VC’s and Private Equity

Businesses that serve international markets


Our Services

Typical Deal Process Elements [Sell-Side]

  • Business positioning and marketing materials
  • Business valuation including comparable deals
  • Transaction thesis [growth capital, partial sale, full sale and alternatives]
  • Engaging third parties like legal, accounting, and investment banks
  • Winning presentations
  • Financial statements, business KPI’s and forecasts
  • Engaging and qualifying investors or buyers
  • Creating competition and negotiating term sheets
  • Deal structuring and tax planning
  • Due diligence and definitive contract negotiations
  • Executive contracts and family matters
  • Closing the deal

Typical Deal Process Elements [Buy-Side]

  • M&A best practices
  • Planning for the acquisition process
  • Development of strategic objectives and growth thesis
  • The internal and external team and responsibility mapping
  • Developing and engaging a funnel of potential targets
  • Evaluating options with key milestones and pivot points
  • Financial analysis and board level reviews
  • Preliminary negotiations and term sheets
  • Setting up deal assumptions and integration planning
  • Managing internal stakeholders and due diligence
  • Coordinating and managing outside advisors
  • Integration planning throughout the process
  • Definitive contract negotiations
  • Management contracts and aligning contingent incentives

Strategies and Expertise for New Digital Markets

Strategies and Expertise for New Digital Markets

Do you need to improve your future market visibility and refine your positioning for business audiences? Do you need help to engage target executives and assess potential strategic synergies – which typically drive business outcomes and shareholder returns?

If technology is important to your business, we bring expert knowledge in high-growth markets and that are impacting all business verticals including:

The mobile app economy is changing our work, health and entertainment

AI technology leveraging cloud-based infrastructure is reshaping markets

Emerging 5G mobile products will redefine our technology landscape

Digitization of finance, insurance, healthcare and retail are all accelerating

Data security and privacy are modern challenges for inter‑connected businesses

About Shaun M MacDonald, CEO

About Shaun M MacDonald, CEO

A fit for top companies with strategic initiatives, Shaun brings expertise and best practices refined in the Silicon Valley with one of the world’s most successful corporate M&A and VC teams, Cisco, where promotions led to responsibility for executing some of its largest global partnership, venture investment, and M&A deals in the US, Europe and Brazil. He has held executive roles at 3 of Canada’s top tech teams for shareholder returns – Bridgewater, Mariner, and Extreme Ventures, and has a track record of building high-performance teams.

Recent M&A engagements include a successful private company sale in the artificial intelligence segment and strategic mandates in the Software-as-a-Service markets for [i] Fortune-500 data privacy solutions and [ii] private network, video-based applications in the regulated healthcare segment. In the VC arena, he is working with Extreme Ventures’ General Partner on the development of a next fund investment thesis.

An executive with M&A, investment and partnering experience developed at a recognized leader in corporate deal making, Cisco Systems. Shaun spent 7 years in the headquarters corporate development team executing a broad range of deals in the US, Europe and Latin America, during Cisco’s highest growth period. When Cisco’s top Service Provider executive left to become the CEO of Openwave, the pioneer in mobile internet browsers, Shaun was recruited to lead corporate development initiatives including M&A, corporate venture investments, and negotiating a broad range of licensing deals to support new legal requirements.

Shaun began his career in marketing at Hewlett-Packard and went on to an award-winning major-account sales career leading both national and global sales teams. In the Internet-TV market, as SVP Business Development and Marketing, he led the Mariner xVu software business repositioning and competitive global wins, achieving segment leading compound growth of +30% per year in 2013-2016, with EBITDA of +25% in 2016.

Shaun has raised millions for startups, helped public companies raise hundreds of millions in capital, and executed over $1 Billion in M&A and investment transactions. His current focus is helping Canadian firms with fundraising and exits to larger US based companies, while networking with market leaders in digital transformation segments.

MBA from McGill University, Montreal, including international studies at the renowned HEC Paris. Majors in Finance and International Business.

Shaun has worked in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in Canada, and has worked and lived in the Silicon Valley, California and Paris, France. He has made over 40 business trips to Asia and Latin America and has developed international networks and friendships that add value … as global experience directly impacts strategic execution.



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