Shaun M. MacDonald

An executive with M&A, investment and partnering experience developed at a recognized leader in corporate deal making, Cisco Systems. Shaun spent 7 years in the headquarters corporate development team executing a broad range of international deals in the US, Europe and Latin America. Shaun also has experience working with Canadian public companies like Bridgewater Systems, which was acquired in Q3-2011 by Amdocs, as well a several private firms that went public after high growth results.

Operational and Commercial Experience: Shaun began his career in marketing at Hewlett-Packard, and went on to an award winning sales career leading both national and global sales teams.

Fundraising and Deal Making: Shaun has raised millions for startups, helped public companies raise hundred’s of millions in capital, and executed over $1 Billion in M&A and investment transactions.

Education: MBA from McGill University, Montreal, including international studies at the renowned HEC Paris. Majors in Finance and International Business.

National and International Experience: Shaun has worked in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in Canada, and has worked and lived in San Jose, California and Paris, France.







    • •  Business Valuation
    • •  Comparable Deals
    • •  Business Positioning
    • •  Marketing Materials
    • •  The Sales Process
    • •  Targeting Buyers or Sellers
    • •  Engaging and Qualifying Buyers or Sellers
    • •  Winning Presentations
    • •  Financial Statements and Forecasts
    • •  Negotiating
    • •  Deal Structuring and Financing
    • •  Tax
    • •  Due Diligence
    • •  Term Sheets and Definitive Docs
    • •  Closing the Deal
    • •  The Deal Process
    • •  Development of Strategic Objectives
    • •  The Team and the Team Plan
    • •  Key Milestones and Pivot Points
    • •  Setting up deal assumptions & integration    planning
    • •  Owners and Diligence
    • •  Managing Outside Advisors
    • •  M&A Best Practices
    • •  Integrations Services
    • •  Management Contracts and Earn-outs
    • •  Family Matters