M&A and Investment Services

24 Global Equity helps growth companies and middle-market business owners who are considering selling or acquiring a business.

We bring a solid financial and process capability, coupled with commercial and marketing experience to help you get the most for your money. Our structured “playbook” approach works with you to develop a strategy and answer questions like: How should I value my company, and what are the best positioning strategies to optimize the result? Should I market the Company to a narrow set of buyers or broadly, and what are the tradeoffs? How can we leverage debt markets and different deal structures to improve the probability of a deal and increase the ROI?

For businesses that serve international markets, we bring extensive experience in Canada, the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia, having executed over $Billion in international transactions. We bring expertise in technology and intangible assets to help both buyers and sellers make better assessments and decisions of companies and potential synergies.

We are an eastern Canada based boutique, and typically work closely with the regions top legal and accounting firms to deliver the most cost-efficient and tax-optimized service for our clients.


    • •  Business Valuation
    • •  Comparable Deals
    • •  Business Positioning
    • •  Marketing Materials
    • •  The Sales Process
    • •  Targeting Buyers or Sellers
    • •  Engaging and Qualifying Buyers or Sellers
    • •  Winning Presentations
    • •  Financial Statements and Forecasts
    • •  Negotiating
    • •  Deal Structuring and Financing
    • •  Tax
    • •  Due Diligence
    • •  Term Sheets and Definitive Docs
    • •  Closing the Deal
    • •  The Deal Process
    • •  Development of Strategic Objectives
    • •  The Team and the Team Plan
    • •  Key Milestones and Pivot Points
    • •  Setting up deal assumptions & integration    planning
    • •  Owners and Diligence
    • •  Managing Outside Advisors
    • •  M&A Best Practices
    • •  Integrations Services
    • •  Management Contracts and Earn-outs
    • •  Family Matters